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Come on in and see what waits for you.
Welcome to Boulder Bay Thimbles. I am so pleased you have stopped by to visit my website. I am gradually filling my thimble categories. Please check back often to see newly listed items. Take a moment to bookmark this page; I am sure you will want to return in the future. There is more information about my long history with collecting and selling thimbles on the About Me page below.

In brief, my goal is to provide new and exciting thimbles, 'one of a kind' thimbles, to avid and seasoned collectors who have a hard time finding quality thimbles that are not already in their collection. This is my specialty but I do have many traditional thimbles as well - something for everyone.

I am once again heading to Mexico and will be back the first week in November. It is still rather hot down there but air conditioning should help. After a few hundred thimbles, Sylvester (Silvestre) my student from last winter, ran out of clay and other supplies. The last package I sent was stopped at customs for some reason that I never got a good explanation for and rather than risk another lost box worth a few hundred dollars, I'll do the delivery myself.

Come on in and see what waits for you.

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